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Ever sit back and get annoyed at your current situation and just think to yourself “Life Sucks” or “I can’t deal with this anymore!”? It happens to all of us, and yes I mean ALL of us, and a lot more often than you would think. When all of these things happen, the easiest thing to do is blame (yourself, someone else, God) or ask yourself “What did I do to deserve this?”. While trying to place blame is one of the most un-fruitful things you can do in life, asking questions, is one of the best. However, the short answer to the aforementioned question is “nothing”.
Yeah, that’s right, NOTHING. Well, the next logical question is “What can i do to fix it then?”. The short answer there, NOTHING, well, kinda, just keep going. All YOU need to do is keep being you. From there, put it in God’s hands – Pray, and Pray ALOT, you could even say you should “pray without ceasing”, might have heard that somewhere else before. God knows where we are, and he will listen to whatever it is you have to say.
Bad things happen, and unfortunately, they happen all the time, to all kinds of people from all walks of life. From the meanest to the nicest, most anti Christian to the Godliest people youve ever met. Jesus said himself when when giving his famous Sermon on the Mount “for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” Look at what happened to Job:

He lost all of his livestock
All of his Servants were killed
All of that happened THREE times essentially
All of his children were killed
His wife and friends began speaking bad about him
AND he was stricken to be COVERED in sores and boils.

Sounds like loads of fun eh? Yeah, not so much. Through all of this, Job never cursed the Lord, yeah he got angry, he asked the Lord why, but he continued to pray, and talk to God. So, the question is now “What makes Job such a Superman?”  Got a shot for the answer? You got it – NOTHING. He was just as human as you or I, he didn’t have any extra strength, or powers, or invulnerability. All he had, was God. Nothing you don’t have, or could have.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I personally, have seen healing happen, and I have seen the things that I need “magically line up” but I don’t live in a mansion, nor do I own fancy cars or have “money to burn”, but I am blessed in ways I cannot count, I know in my heart that God wants our blessings to be bountiful, He wants to see us prosper and do very well, I just think the problem is that our definitions of “bountiful” and “doing very well” are a bit skewed from God’s . This does NOT mean, that we won’t encounter hardship. Want proof? No problem. It would be safe to say that the apostles, the original disciples of Christ, would have had extremely wealthy lives based on what they did for God, what they did for Christ himself on this earth right? Well lets recap:

Peter, the rock, the main dude, Jesus’ right hand man – he was crucified, upside down, at his own request, during the persecutions of Emperor Nero. He said he was not fit to die in the same way as Christ himself did. To give you a little fun piece of info, the upside down cross that people that are against Christianity use when they think they are “Blaspheming God” or disrespecting Christ, it’s called the cross of St.Peter. News flash all you gothed out Black Metal kids, you are actually paying tribute to St. Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends and the guy most believe to have been the first Pope.

Andrew, Peter’s brother – also crucified – Spread Eagle.

James – Beheaded

Bartholomew – Skinned alive and Beheaded

Thomas aka “Doubting Thomas” – speared to death

Simon – hacked to death

Paul, rockstar of the new testament and author of about half of it’s books – Beheaded.

All the rest say they were martyred, just doest go into detail, but hey is execution ever fun? One exception is John. He died of natural causes, but only after being banished to a deserted island. All this simply because they chose to follow Christ. Now, I’m not saying that you’re gonna die for  following Christ. You may get teased, or even beaten up at the worst, but martyred is a bit of a stretch these days, but remember all the same that martyr means “witness” and that Jesus Himself said the world will hate you because they hated Him first, and that this will come to pass because when we choose to follow Him, we are not a part of this world anymore.

Ever hear that saying “Too Blessed to be stressed”? It’s a rough mantra to live by, because stress absolutely consumes you, but it’s all true, because chances are, as bad as it might seem right now, somebody has it worse, I guarantee it, and guess what?! At least one of those people are continuing to pray, and that is what gets them through it. So, the final question – “What’s gonna get you through it?” This time, the answer isn’t “Nothing”

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