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Losing sleep for Jesus 12/8/11 – 12/9/11

Another awesome evening thanks to my partners in Ministry. I talked about that sense of humor of God’s in my last post and currently, I’ve really gotta say I think he’s playing another one of those cruel jokes on me.

Have you ever been so amped from something that its hard to wind down? Especially late at night. I’ve gotta say that He continues to reveal Himself to me more and more as my Ministry progresses but I’ve noticed that He LOVES putting me in interesting places that are especially inconvenient to me and my typical operating procedure. Sleep being the most prominent piece he likes to alter.

So in closing thanks for the Spirit, but ya know, maybe next time you can include some tired on the back-end of that Spirit, but regardless….I praise you.

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A wash…

Ever had one of those moments where you are beyond angry and profound hillarity at the same time? I had one of those today.

Macie decided to take Milton, my mother in law’s dog that we are babysitting for th week, for a walk this afternoon. Within 2 minutes he had done his business in the front yard before ever making it to the back yard. I ran down to take care of it with my trusty waste bags and noticed it was smeared all over the lawn. I immediately checked Macies shoes…they were clean. So I had no idea what had happened.
As I look around I realize that Milton had stepped in it and had it all over his hind legs. Of course, that prompted me to pick him up, carry him upstairs to the bath tub and clean him off. In all of this, I kept struggling between being angry that he had done this and didn’t care and being absolutely stricken with laughter. Tonight just before bed I took the dogs on their pre bed/accident prevention walk.
Now, to set this up, Milton has gained quite a bit of weight in his latter years and at his house, he doesn’t get, nor care for much exercise. Puggy and myself set off down the steps and into the parking lot for our normal routine and then…SLAM! I can’t walk any further. Milton again has decided that he didn’t want to make it past the front yard. After which we begin walking down the hill for the rest of our walk. Once we’ve walked a good 25 – 35 yards, Milton evidently has a flashback to the walk from last night. As per normal Puggy routine we took the whole block, and that includes a rather long hill. Milton did not enjoy that much exercise, and in remembering that decide his total distance thus far of may 60 yards including the steps was sufficient and dug his heels and and would go no further.
Here I am again, annoyed and laughing together. In thinking about this, I realized, God LOVES putting us in these situations. Anyone who ever said the Good Lord doesn’t have a sense of humor is sadly mistaken, but the point of this is not solely for the purpose of an ethereal belly laugh, He’s giving us an opportunity to choose. So, next time, step back, and choose wisely.

Till the next one –
God Bless

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