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The Healing Burrito

The Healing Burrito

The Healing Burrtio

Well, it finally happened. Last week, my daughter was jumping on a trampoline with my sister in-law. After a few minutes, in she comes crying and hollering about how her ankle hurts. My wife and I take a look at it and get some ice on it, followed by a good soak in her usual Sunday evening bath. It didn’t swell and wasn’t discolored, and after the bath she claimed it was just a little sore and was walking on it, so off to bed and ready for her last two days of school. My wife and I took a look at it before we went to bed that night, and as we did, from a dead sleep, my daughter yelped in pain. It was pretty swollen too. So, first thing in the morning, I made an appointment at the pediatrician. Long story short, after about ten hours spent in 3 different medical offices, my daughter was sporting a brand new, bright pink walking cast complete with boot and crutches. Her ankle was fractured, and with only one school day left before her nine weeks of summer began, she was sentenced to six weeks of wearing this cast.

As I was checking my email that night I came across one of my typical devotional type emails I use to reflect on and sometimes tend to inspire these little rambles I call blogs. The scripture was “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.” Proverbs 3:5-8 Of course, there has been a whole lot of conversation lately between me and burrito brethren as well as my good friends and peers here in the world of Karis about exactly how much misinterpretation and heightened expectations we Christian folk can fall into with scriptures like this one. It’s a rocky road to travel for sure.

A lot of Christian denominations consider healing a major tenet of their doctrine, and certain takes on that can point to just how much faith you have determining just how much healing you see. I personally have seen healing take place through the name of Jesus, right in front of my eyes, instantly, in my own body from my own maladies might I add. I believe it’s a real and true experience for sure. I always try to make a habit of praying over my daughter after I put her to bed every night anyways, so of course, the night my wife and I checked her ankle, I prayed for healing though His will and power. However, come the next day, as I mentioned, we still ended up at the orthopedic specialist to get that cast. Why didn’t Jesus heal my daughter? Was I lacking faith? Was my not quite 7 year old lacking faith? Nope

In today’s modern world we don’t rely on God a whole lot.  If we get sick, we head to the doctor. If we are low on money we get a loan or head to a pawn shop. If we get hungry, we head to the fridge to pick out which of the large supply of groceries we’re going to complain about eating for the third day in a row. Now, when we get sick, and the doctor tells us it’s a cold, so he can’t do anything about it, do we just stop going to the doctor altogether? If he prescribes us a medicine that takes a few days or couple of weeks to get rid of the problem, do we get fed up and give up on the world of medicine? Not typically, so why then, when a divine healing doesn’t take place on our schedule or to our liking do we decide its pointless to ask God for intercession?

Now, my wife and myself have never had any broken bones, save for toes and fingers, in our lives. So the whole experience is a learning curve for us, but my daughter’s nickname has never been Grace, and in all honesty, the fact that she made it to almost seven before anything of this nature happening is in itself quite the miracle. She’s taken a fall down a flight of stairs, ran right into a car door as it opens, and missed her target while trying to jump from chair to couch or other furniture on multiple occasions, all with not so much as a bruise, but playing ring around the rosey on a trampoline with a safety net all the way around it that she has been jumping on since she could jump just didn’t work out for her. She had surgery for a birth defect at age 3, and has had just about every bug, virus, and typical sickness a kid can have. So, suffice it to say, prayer has been a primary tool in our arsenal as parents, but nonetheless, her ankle is still broken.

Does God still heal? Do we lack faith, or just understanding? Is there anything in the Bible that would lead us to believe that any of the wonders and amazements that Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit would deliver us from the time of the Pentecost on have ceased to exist in today’s world? If so, why?

Zach is a father, husband, and social media addict that describes his approach to faith as being a “Charismatic, Evangelical, Anabaptist that loves Catholic tradition, or just a plain old ‘lover of Jesus’ for short. He is the Youth director at Poages Mill Church of the Brethren and hangs out with an odd group he calls the “Holy Burrito Crew”.


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