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Wednesday 9/14/2011

It’s that time folks, lets recap the day.

Wake up – and its 730, yup, not a single alarm went off this morning. Of course the mad dash follows and Jennifer & Macie head off to school by shortly after 8. From there the morning routine followed, walk the dog, go to work. Work was almost completely a non-event. After work, home for dinner, cheer practice, and into the evening routine. 

So now you ask, well Zach, there’s nothing to your day here, what’s the deal? Well, here’s the weird thing, that is EXACTLY where God was today. He was in my meditation, and the reason for the ease of my day. Ever have a day that you just know NOTHING came from it? Yeah, those are the days that you should just adjust your focus a little, because He is hiding in the places you should MOST expect Him.

Jam suggestion: Be Quite (Drive Far Away) – Deftones

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