Holy Burrito?

Holy Burrito?

This blog is a place where questions are asked, and conversations are welcomed. My name is Zach Emerson, and I am a Youth Minister from Roanoke, Va. I’ve found myself in ministry by a call that I answered in 2009. Through my journey of faith, I’ve gone from Falwell style Southern Baptist, to atheist, to agnostic, to Red-State Christian to Red-Letter Christian. I typically describe my approach as a Charismatic, Evangelical, Anabaptist, who loves Orthodox tradition.

The concept of the Holy Burrito comes from a group of friends of mine that gather together weekly to have open dialogue about our faith. We’re made up of pastors, folks involved in various ministry facets, believers looking for more, and seekers looking for a place to ask questions and give opinions where they won’t be told they’re going to hell for asking those questions or having those opinions. At our first meeting, somebody para-phrased Homer Simpson and asked if God could make a burrito that was so big and so spicy, that He Himself could not eat it. That question sparked a continued fellowship and fostered an environment where we all continue to grow in faith. We call ourselves the Holy Burrito Brothers, and through various experiences, I was asked to start putting some of my beliefs and conversations down to further the reach and input.


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