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The Dilapidated Burrito

The Dilapidated Burrito

I’ve been reading a lot of psalms lately, and recently stumbled across Psalm 89 while winding down from my weekly meeting with my Burrito Brethren. In Psalm 89 the author is actually questioning God. How crazy is that? It’s IN the Bible. I should point out though, that in the questions, the author never uses an accusatory tone, he even Praises God for all he has given throughout the psalm, but he still has some questions. What he is speaking about is that he knows certain things. He knows that God promised David that his line would carry on the throne of Israel forever, and he knows that God is always with them, loves them, and never breaks a promise. What we see from the recount here, as well as in stories leading up to the exile, is that the family of David has broken the promise. They have strayed from the teachings of God and the promises they made him in exchange for the continuation of their line and the author of this Psalm wants to know how long they must suffer in the meantime.

The Psalm switches from the voice of the author to the voice of God himself, and in it we see that God is upset that he has had to take these things from his chosen people, but he knows they will prosper in the end. He will never leave them, but they have to grow and realize their shortcomings from the error of their ways. If we keep reading on through the rest of the Bible, we know that the line of David does eventually lead to the final and ULTIMATE king, Jesus Christ, but the Israelites in this period don’t know that. They are asking how long they will have to endure this exile and hardship, and when glory will be restored to the line of David, because in the case of some of the people in this time period, suffering is all they know. If you look around you, how many people are like that today?

There are a lot of people in today’s world that only know suffering, even this many years after Jesus died on the cross to save us, heal us, and make us whole again. That doesn’t sound right does it? We’re not in exile anymore. The saving action has already taken place, so why are people not safe? I know that I said this in my last post, but I’ve got to touch it again. Jesus Himself taught us to pray that God’s will might be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We’ve got a lot of repair to do if people are still suffering today, and we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear groanings and grumblings of people questioning God as to how long they have to suffer.

In the Psalm it speaks of how David built a house for God (the temple), but in turn God built a house for the family of David, not physical house by any means however, it’s a dynasty of sorts, that will last forever. Unfortunately, the tenants of that house have allowed it to fall into disrepair here. Thus, the exile and all of the struggle these people are facing. Have we neglected our house and watched the boards rot, the foundations crack, and the walls peel? That house nowadays is the church of course, and one of my favorite sayings is to the effect of “calling a building the church is like calling ourselves two by fours”, so what do we need to do to get the church looking pretty again?

I’ve got some friends that work in construction and some friends that work in some of those big box home repair type stores, and all of them will tell you that simple maintenance could have kept the house in good shape, but now that it’s in such disrepair we’ve got a lot of action to do. Some commercials talk about saving your weekend by taking care of home repair jobs quickly, but I think we might just be able to save more than our weekend if we go after these repair jobs everyday. To add to all that, let’s not forget that a Burrito is a messy thing when it falls apart, so let’s try to keep it wrapped up tight too.

Zach is a father, husband, and social media addict that describes his approach to faith as being a “Charismatic, Evangelical, Anabaptist that loves Catholic tradition, or just a plain old ‘lover of Jesus’ for short. He is the Youth director at Poages Mill Church of the Brethren and hangs out with an odd group he calls the “Holy Burrito Crew”.

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