19 Mar
The Caffeinated Burrito – Karis Blog

The Caffeinated Burrito – Karis Blog


I tend to exhaust myself pretty well these days. I’m REALLY good at it. I work a full time job, do some social media consulting on the side, contribute to some awesome ministries, and of course try to live well and spend time with my family. With all of this activity I drink a lot of energy drinks, usually one a day. I even use them to make smoothies in the morning at least once a week. A lot of people tell me how unhealthy they are and this that and the other, and of course, in some cases, they’re probably right. However, in the level of pace I tend to keep between work, family, my Ministry, the gym, my social media addictions, and admittedly by my own folly, the energy drinks serve a greater good in my personal opinion.


Now, in scripture, Jesus tells us about the best energy drink available – spiritual water, or the water of life, if you will. Now, this stuff is not at the store, and there’s definitely no secret proprietary blend in there that can hurt you, but the best thing about it is not that it’s something to get you through that “2pm Crash”, it’s something to get you through this life. Not only that but its not just a dietary supplement touted to give you energy you didn’t have and want, it’s a soul supplement to give you the rest you didn’t have and NEED.


Come to me all who are wary and burdened and I will give you rest. – Jesus said this in Matthew 11:28. I’ve gotta admit that I get pretty wary, and end up carrying all kinds of burden by the end of the day. Why do I do that to myself? You do it too, I’d wager, and you probably have your own solution. Whether it’s energy drinks, a special snack or meal, maybe even a particular song that pumps you up and gets you going, it’s all for the same goal of adding motivation, and energy to your daily routine. The question is, this time, is that solution just some added time or money that ends up taking away from our opportunity to drink in that “Spiritual Water”? So, in closing, what gives you that energy these days? Is it Him or is it something else?

Zach is a father, husband, and social media addict that describes his approach to faith as being a “Charismatic, Evangelical, Anabaptist that loves Catholic traditon, or just a plain old ‘lover of Jesus’ for short. He is the Youth director at Poages Mill Church of the Brethren and hangs out with an odd group he calls the “Holy Burrito Crew”.

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