The sweats – 12/7/11

07 Dec

Isaiah 43:11 says something to the effect of “For those who wait, God will renew them” paraphrasing here of course, but waiting is REALLY hard in todays world, and I’m not talking about passing a judgement on the way everybody else is, I’m strait up talking about myself. I HATE waiting! Have you ever had to wait for something to the point of it putting you close to a state of panic? As in, to the wire?

I was in that position today. Stress abounded and of course, as I’m known to do, I stated something in a matter that wasn’t what I had intended it to come out as. I’m really good at that by the way. Regardless, as I got to a critical point in my stress, God just so happened to pull through in such a way that the circumstance that made it all work was so easy it made me rather annoyed at all the circumstance leading up to it that had originally pointed me to believe that resolution was NOT in immediate site.

I’ve gotta say that I was sweating the whole time. Stupid, I know. After the fact though, as I was spending some typical unwind time on my deck, I began to wonder about that old saying about God having a sense of humor. I mean, seriously, He made the resolution so stupidly simple that I couldn’t believe that it worked with no resistance. I started to wonder if God’s sense of humor wasn’t so far off from my own, and by that I mean twisted and off kilter.

I thought about that the whole time and then Jeremiah 29:11 popped into my head. Most people tend to use the scripture for the wrong purpose (IMHO) which, paraphrasing again, says “For I know the plans I have for you and they aren’t to harm you, they will benefit you”. A lot of people use the scripture to make an argument for predestination, but I don’t personally buy into the concept of predestination that most ascribe to. Yes we are all headed to the same ultimate goal and place as the Body of Christ, but God did NOT determine I was going to break my toe two weekends ago. He KNEW it would happen, but he didn’t MAKE it happen.

Anyways, the point being that He knew what He was going to do for me, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the process of the waiting involved, and that my friends, made me sweat.

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