04 Oct

Today I was at church for one of the programs that I helped create, it’s called Family Faith Night. We have a dinner and then break into age groups so we have something for everyone. I, of course, am in charge of the youth and young adult crowd.

When the program first started I saw record numbers of youth consistently showing up for our church, and the curriculum I’m using, Chronological Bible Storying, has been well received and all the youth consistently asked me to do the readings again or had great questions and insights. However, after the 2nd one I found that I would have no more than 4 once and 2 twice, and even had none show up for one.

So, I find myself asking, what’s wrong with the program? It’s a tough place to be in. So I gotta ask – ever been there? I’m getting ready to ADD a new program, am I gonna get stuck in the same place? Am I crazy? After all that though, the ultimate question I have is – Is it all about programs?

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