9/13/11 – Tuesday

13 Sep

Ladies and Gentleman, a day of rest….well….sorta….

Today was a day off from work, but a day FULL of all kinds of craziness. The day began with being able to sleep in till 8 (yes, as in AM) followed by knocking out the usual morning routine, and jumping in the car for a two hour ride to Charlottesville. We had a check up/ultrasound for Macie @ UVA, and received an excellent report. Now, not to jump ahead here, but if you don’t see the God in that, well, maybe I’m doin this all wrong eh?

Lunch was first, and it was a good one, The Mellow Mushroom. If you live in or near a big college town, check this place out. The pizza, subs, and salads are AMAZING. I recommend the Jerk Chicken Sub, and building your own slice of pie. From there we took Macie to a store called Shenanigans, which is where the infamous Hammy (her stuffed Hamster that means the WORLD to her) came from 3 years ago. He received two new members of his family, and Macie picked up a Hammy eraser. Next up was a short two door down walk to the bane of my wallet’s existence, a Lilly Pullitzer store. Lots of 70% off sale items later, we were on our way to our final stop of the day, a store called Sammy’s Snacks which is an organic dog treat store that makes treats that even taste good to us human folk. Puggy thoroughly enjoyed his Peanut Butter Cheese Sandwich crackers, but was less than amused by the Pig squeak toy this evening.

Finally we were on the way home, and had a good trip back home, but that didn’t mean we were done for the night. Nope, next up was “Back to school night” for Macie’s school. Many laughs and proud moments later, finally, we were home for the night, and here I sit, after all the super dad routine of lunch packing and so forth. God has been better than good to me today. I feel rejuvenated in many ways, inspired, challenged, and ready for the next day. 

Till the next one – God Bless

Jam Suggestion: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Power Metal Version)

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