9/12/2011 – Weekend Edition & Monday

12 Sep

Watch out, we’ve got momentum. We don’t have anybody reading this thing yet, but by Golly, we’ve got momentum! So let’s talk about the weekend.

Saturday I woke up and of course did the normal morning routine, followed by a run to Wal-Mart to pick up a birthday present for a party Macie was attending. After running through all of that and getting through the party, it was apparent that Macie was not feeling well. We came home, and Macie decided she needed a nap. Now, at age 6, if they WANT a nap, they are not feeling well. She took her nap, and woke up feeling better, but about that time, we realized that her game was actually an hour earlier than we had originally thought, which meant it was in the next 10 minutes. Yup, after a hectic rush, we got there less than 15 minutes late (the fact that it was about 2 minutes away helped quite a bit). 

Macie cheered her heart out and gained herself some energy. We came home and met up with our friend Kelly and headed out for supper. BBQ was the name of the game. A good meal, with lackluster service, but that’s OK, we were on our way to spend some time with our best friends for some Frogurt! Right about that time though, the wife got sick, and I mean SICK. She went home and rested up. We had a great time with our friends, then packed it up and headed home for the night. 

From Sunday we had church. I sat in with most of my youth taking our membership class for a great experience. Lots of fun, and laughs. We headed into service and I was excited to hear that we had one of our congregation giving the message instead of the pastor. What followed was a great service leading into a message that left me agitated beyond belief. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It showed a bad judge in taking into account the audience, and what I perceived as contempt for our church social structure based on “old time religion”.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with my faith values, I can sum up my feelings about this message by telling you I despise the word and concept of “religion” and most of the approach behind it. Fire and Brimstone don’t make believers these days, and tend to alienate quickly. Yes, they’re valid, and yes, Hell exists, but scaring the hell (see what I did there?) out of people, is a primitive, and IMHO, ignorant approach for those that have nothing better to say or no real material to manifest.

I left church upset, angry, visibly shaken, however you want to word it. I felt provoked. We headed out for some lunch and quality Sunday time followed by the weekly grocery shopping trip and cleaning up the house. By the time evening rolled around I had cooled down and was finally ready for our 9/11 tribute contemporary service. I showed up and walked into some technical issues, but after some quick thinking, took care of those and was settled in to watch the service.

We had brought together 3 congregations, a classic high energy gospel group, a contemporary gospel group, my good friend Todd delivering a truly inspired message, the female pastor of one of the churches closing out the service with some of the most contagious and electrifying/inspiring energy I’ve ever felt in a service, and transitioned right in to a rock show. Now, I know I’m only one dude, but this lineup had me engaged and feeling His presence ALL NIGHT. That’s beautiful stuff, when you bring all these kinds of different things together in the name of Jesus to make something AMAZING happen.

So, now here I sit on Monday, wondering why my post from yesterday saved as draft instead of publishing, and deciding on throwing Monday in there for good measure. Today was a good, easy going day, with fun stories with friends, and a great night hanging out with my parents. No big stress, no mad dash to go here or there. So where was He in these 3 very different days? Easy for me to grab:

Saturday – fellowship with friends
Sunday – the Holy Spirit calming me, but assuring me my feelings were justified, followed by rejuvenating me with electric energy at that service in the evening
and finally Monday – Rest, calm, peace, and assurance.

Till tomorrow – pray for us, we take Macie for a follow up test @ UVA to make sure her surgery is still allowing for progress.

God Bless

Jam Suggestion: High Speed GTO – White Wizzard 

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