Friday 9/9/2011

09 Sep

Well Looky There,

    Its only 24 hours later and Im writing another one of these. Hopefully I can keep a solid momentum huh? So let’s get into the day:

I again woke up as the normal day would be, but instead of my normal Friday routine of firing up the NetFlix or Spotify as I log in to work from home, I was scheduled to go into the office to finish some testing. As I was on the way to work I was listening to Spirit FM as usual and all this week they have been doing tributes leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, one came on as if it were being narrated by God himself and I found myself humbled to tears. I was 17 and standing in my ICT classroom at Burton Tech Center talking to my teacher, Mrs. Farley, when her phone rang and someone told her to turn on the TV. We ran to the adult education office upstairs and arrived just in time to watch the 2nd plane hit the towers.

A lot of people have their own theories as to the reasons the towers were struck and the others planes went down that day, but I’m not here to talk about that. The events that day have always made me grateful that I was standing where I was standing at that moment. Hearing that tribute gave me the one piece of strength I needed to pursue the rest of my day.

As I got to work and started my projects I very quickly realized that this was going to be  a wretched (to be gentle) day. You ever play through a possible rant in your head and think that it makes any of the scenes from Happy Gilmore seem like all he said was “Oh Phooey”? Yeah, that was my level of stress. Every time I went outside to take a break I would begin hearing that tribute from the radio that morning, and each time it grounded me enough to contain my anger and frustration enough to simply talk through it with a friend and push on to the next phase of the day.

Of course, as fate would have it today, I needed to work extra time past my normal quitting time, but when I was done, I can’t explain how excited I was to get in my car and start my weekend. I came home and was still drained. The mental stress had BIG physical impacts. We finally loaded into the car and went out to eat. 

Chipotle was the choice of the night, and it always hits the spot. I always order steak soft tacos with corn salsa, sour cream, and cheese. I got a side of guacamole, and asked for my typical Lime Wedges to squeeze on my tacos. The girl at the register stared at me for a second and began helping the next person right after shouting “I NEED LIMES!” towards the back. I went about my business and got my root beer from the fountain. I turned back to the counter to await my limes and almost immediately the girl turned to me and said “Do you want something?!” Of course, taken aback and already agitated I very firmly responded “Lime Wedges, please”.  

I got my limes and sat down, still agitated from the rudeness, but again, after my daughter said the blessing, the radio tribute began playing again. I ate my food, but while I did, I watched the girl behind the register. Her eyes were sunken into her cheeks with tiredness circles the size of the logo atop a Target store. She was HATING being there at that moment, and she was taking it out on about every other customer to pass in front of her. I felt bad for her.

Finally, to end the evening we ran out to the mall to kill some time. I love this time of the year @ Bath & Body Works. I’m a self confessed Hand-Bac addict, and my favorite scent comes out for Halloween. It’s called Zombie March, and its Marshmallow scented. Of course we stocked up on our germ-a-phobe obsession and grabbed Macie a couple skirts @ Abercrombie on sale, and let Macie spend some of her Money @ Justice (fathers of young girls beware, that place is a TRAP).

Finally we headed home, and here I sit now. Where was God today? I feel pretty confident that He was narrating that radio spot to me over and over again today. He was there to keep me grounded, and help me make it through the day.

So what does tomorrow hold? The weekend?

Jam suggestion: Wish – CPR

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