Thursday – 9/8/2011

08 Sep


The first official stab at this eh? This may be a collection of ramblings and photos and such, but it’s an exercise in this. So let’s give it a shot.

I worked from home today. Day started like every other, getting out of bed and helping the wife and kid get ready to head off to school. After which was the obligatory walk the dog for the morning. As I came back in from the walk and logged on to my work machine, I sat there and found myself praying aloud. Of course, Puggy stared at me like I was nuts, but I continued. I had no specific requests, but I was praying anyways. As I finished I felt energy, now this was strange because I hadn’t ran to the store yet for my daily energy drink fix. It was a pretty awesome feeling, and I used it throughout the rest of my work day.

After work I helped Macie study for her first ever test (!) and was super impressed that my 6 year old knew the material front to back, and it wasn’t your typical spelling, reading, math, or what not, it was CITIZENSHIP. Seriously? For a 1st grader?! So anyways, after that I got dressed up to attend a reception for the Student Advisory Council. The Student Advisory Council is the student faction of the Roanoke County School Board. This was cool for two reasons. I was the founding co-chair (ie first one, not the guy that started it) of the group my senior year in high school 10 years ago, but that’s not why I was invited, one of my youth group is now a rep on the council for the same school I was a rep for. This blew my mind. It was so awesome to not only see that this organization I helped fuel the beginning for had grown (Exponentially) but I was watching it create a great growth opportunity for someone special to me.

So, in wrap up, God was tapping me on the shoulder ALL DAY. Showing me not only the blessings that were right in front of me every day, but showing me the residuals of seeds I planted years ago, as I was just jumping into my faith journey. Where will he be tomorrow? I can’t say now, but maybe I will tell you about it tomorrow… 

My jam suggestion for the night – New York New York by Devin Townsend off the Sinatra tribute album!

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